Sean Dillon

Sean Dillon has earned a living in a variety of professions, including managing a stationery store, working on a factory assembly line, as an executive assistant, and as an international film publicist. He has also worked as a director, writer, actor, composer, designer, teacher, and filmmaker, and has produced works for such diverse locations as a tent, a church, a museum, a Quonset hut, a basement, a bookstore, and a boat marina on the Adriatic Sea. Over the past two decades, Sean has held many positions at major film studios, and has worked independently as a creative consultant.

Sean is an award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of an entertainment company, Biscuits & Gravy Productions, which has produced a number of short films, educational films, industrial films, and two feature-length projects. He is currently an Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at the University of La Verne.