Ricky Butler

AMERICAN ADDICT- a one-person character study written and performed by Ricky Butler, is a coming of age story of how a fucked-up kid from Hollywood moved to New York and matured into a fucked-up man.


“‘American Addict’ reminds me of old-school Bogosian. Its not just about addiction-its an angry, funny, and very powerful look at what it means to be a young man today. Ricky Butler is unstoppable. He has a rocket strapped to his ass and I highly recommend we all get on for the ride.”

- Kristen Johnston (Two-Time Emmy winner, 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN)

“Ricky Butler’s one man show resonates with macabre hilarity – you’ll laugh so that you don’t start crying in front of your friends.”

– Charlie Sanders (Star of MTV’s 2011 show DEATH VALLEY)