Marianne Simon

We are, none of us just one thing, but rather glimmers and glimpses of so many things.

Born to a family of artists, I have spent my life exploring creativity in its many facets. For over 20 years I trained and worked as an actress and director and have been writing for longer than that.

Along the way, I discovered I also had a deep affinity for nature and so founded my landscape design business, Poetic Plantings, with the vision of creating gardens that nourished the spirit and nurtured the earth.

One of my most exciting achievements was the writing, producing and directing of “Skins I Have Worn,” a piece about the courage, resilience and wisdom women discover as they journey through the dark lands of abuse, and who they become as a result of these experiences.

In May of 2017, my husband of 26 years passed away, leaving me to find a new way to live and create.

This project is the next step in the journey of all that I am still becoming.