Kate Radford

It is my dedication as a contemporary female artist to explore women’s voices through writing, performance, music, sound, texture as a way to further integrate womens stories into our cultural narrative and reflect a positive future that integrates the divine feminine. It is my belief that women and our inherrent connection to nature and thus conciousness will be the key to the remedies of the modern world.

I have a specific dedication to integrating words, as a mode of communication that was colonised and denied to women through academic institutions and refusal to educate women. I believe women are imperative speakers and writers, and through our continued exploration of language also act as a medium between the said and the unsaid. The words of our world. You can judge a people by how it treats its women. We must speak more, better, fuller. I believe that the rights of language, and speaking has been dominated by men, and that women have thus experienced oppression in all elements of how we communicate. It is part of my process to explore feminine language. Not only the words we say, but how we sense them, feel them, hold them.

I work speficially and deliberately with female empowerment within my local community and the wider world. In a world that so often has put women as a secondary element I make it my responsibility as an artist for them to felt prioritsed, recognised, and loved in my work.