Teena Pugliese

Teena hails from beautiful Barstow, CA and traveled to the beach to receive her BA in theatre and directing at CSU Long Beach. She journeyed to Italy in 2009 where she studied theatre, film and clown while writing and directing her own pieces in the streets of Portovenere. She moved to LA after graduation and began studying with Dr.Sharon Carnicke, the associate dean of theater at USC, working on Stanislavski latter technique, Active Analysis. She has a love for the the stage, teaching acting, Shakespeare and creating film.

While working on regional theatre in Albuquerque in 2010 as novelist Carson McCullers in, Rancho Pancho, she was cast in the radio production of, Night Over Taos, and had the opportunity to work with Shepard Nobel and Camino Royal Productions.

Although she masquerades as a videographer/editor during the day she becomes a vigilante at night, fighting other people’s depression with theatrical release. Since moving to LA, Teena has appeared as The Daughter of the Owls in Wicked Lit 2012, EMILIA in The Long Beach Shakespeare Company’s Othello, Hero in The Knightsbridge Theaters production of Much Ado About Nothing and the giant mute magical bunny TRIXY in Smoke and Mirrors with Albie Selznick. You can also catch her on the last Sunday of each month gracing the stage of El Cid as a regular singer for The Sultry Sweet Burlesque Show. She is a songwriter and martial artist since birth and recently started her own videoblog documenting this production of Midsummer, which she shoots, edits and stars in each day. She is also currently starting a creative video house in Venice, CA. Check out more about here at www.teenapugliese.com