Siobhan Marshall

Siobhan grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and spent her adolescent years in Cairns, Australia and a rickety campervan traveling around Europe. In 2002, she completed her final high school year in Fountain City, Wisconsin, which triggered her dream of one day living in the USA. In 2016 that dream came true and she and her new husband (Millen) moved to California after marrying in Fiji. The pair love living in Lalaland and welcomed a baby girl Remy in 2018 (now 9 months old).

Siobhan has been acting in NZ for the last 15 years and has starred in many of NZ’s TV dramas and comedies, including: Outrageous Fortune, The Blue Rose, Almighty Johnsons, Find Me a Maori Bride and Shortland Street. She has been nominated for 3 Best Supporting Actress and one Best Actress award at the NZ Film and TV Awards. In 2016, Siobhan came third in Dancing With the Stars and also won a NZ Writer’s Guild award for Best Unproduced Feature. Since then she has co-written the animated series, Slow Pete, and Darryl – a Beach to Snow Story (both for TVNZ) alongside her hubby Millen. Her dream is to create, act and direct in everything (almost) that comes her way.