de Krumpitz

For as long as he can remember Krumpitz has been a part of a band of roving gypsies who travel the world telling stories, making music, and dancing the night away. Orphaned as a child in the forest, he became Krumpitz when the gypsy queen gave her precious horn to him and said.. “My child, you are now de Krumpitz!” Learning traditional folk-horn song-stories and the ancient tongue of Olt Inglesh, Krumpitz grew to love his new life.

After a night of music-making & revelry he heard a noise he’d never heard before… the softest beating of the finest feathers. A magic bird, of course! Using echolocation Krumpitz followed the sound for days and nights.. until he looked up and saw it had been a little moth flying above his head. Laughing, Krumpitz noticed he lost in a far away land. He thanked the moth for the start of a new journey and continued on his way in search of where he came from or where he was going.

Krumpitz loves his horn, (making) music, storytelling, dancing, travelling, feet for helping to travel, beats, rhythms, peoplefriends, magic, expressions, confusions, greens, and the moon
Krumpitz dislikes are few, but strong, and include directions, places where you have to be quiet, and poop

Krumpitz biggest dream is to help make the world a place filled with rhythms, music, stories, and magic