Jessica Rae Duarte

Jessica Rae Duarte also known as  J.Rae embodies L.A. attitude while maintaining a southern bell sensibility. Born Jessica Rae Duarte, J.Rae always had aspirations of being a performer. She grew up singing everything from Alanis Morrisette to Rogers & Hammerstein and everything in between.You just couldn’t keep her off the stage, whether it was singing and dancing in the school’s talent show or performing as the lead in that year’s musical. If she’s wasn’t performing in front of a live audience, you could usually find her at dance class or her vocal lessons. At the young age of 16 she co-wrote And recorded her first pop demo with a family friend, going on to perform at venues all over California. She is now a member of ASCAP and BMI and has started working in the more elite scene perfecting her craft and performing at well known venues.