Tom - of One Klepton

Rocket boots; Uranus; the Space-Time Continuum; E=MC²; ET; the Inter-Galactic Council; tang; freeze-dried ice cream.

Speed-of-Light speeding tickets; time-loop causality paradoxes; abuse of upward inflection; cyber spam.

Tom – of One Klepton – comes from the far reaches of the galaxy. His planet, One Klepton, is a Type II civilization; the residing critters have harnessed all the available energy One Klepton has to offer. They harvested all planetary resources, control the weather, prevent natural disasters, utilize their sun’s energy entirely, completed exploration of their solar system, and have contacted all other Type II civilizations.

In efforts to advance to a Type III civilization (controlling the power of the galaxy), the One Kleptonians sent Tom – of One Klepton –to educate the only remaining Type 0 civilization in the galaxy: Earth.