"Tripping On Life" by Lin Shaye

lin shaye · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere


Tripping On Life chronicles one young woman’s personal journey of growth, that happened through a traumatic personal experience, during the tumultuous year of 1968. The backdrop of the event, “the 60’s” was known for its vibrant color, drug use, political outrage and new definitions of love. Artistic expression, personal communication and new styles flourished, and so did the rest of my life, which was forever impacted by the "times"and by this personal event. I wrote this piece to express communally, a personal benchmark of grief, its repercussions on who I became, who I am, and my awakening. We live by the accumulation and processing of events that have impacted our lives. This event was a major moment that shaped my: past, present and future. I am also hoping to take the audience on a visceral trip.. not just an auditory one… Hoping that they will participate with me emotionally. The style of delivery is untraditional, and my goal is to give the audience a taste of the trust, emotional chaos, and love that I experienced at that time!

Tripping On Life Audience Testimonials

“I was so moved by Lin Shaye’s TRIPPING ON LIFE. What a magnificent performance! I’m not ashamed to say that I wept twice! Lin and her director, Robert Galinsky, have a beautiful show on their hands.” Jonathan Ames, creator of HBO’s “Bored To Death” 

“An incredible journey of a show. Lin’s energy is astonishing, the worlds she conjures are dizzying and immediate. And the ending will leave a hole in your heart.” Sonya Walger, Writer, Actress, ABC’s “Lost”

“Lin shay has taken a chapter of her private heartache from real life and staged it for all of us to see. However, I never once felt it was staged. I was watching real life.” Mark Schoenfeld, Creator of Broadway’s “Brooklyn the Musical”

"As a teacher at the Lee Strasberg Institute, it was incredible to see someone who was a student of Mr. Strasberg’s deliver on his credo: ’, sans-serif; color: #101010; background-color: white;">Acting isn’t something you do. Instead of doing it, it occurs.’ With that said, I am sure this show will ‘occur’ Off Broadway and stream beyond.” Dylan Mooney, Actor, Acting Teacher at Lee Strasberg Institute

“The way Lin enveloped each of her characters made the stage seem full of actors and props. The masterful actions and reactions of her solo show, vibrantly brought her personal history to life!" Dr. Alice Wilder, Co-Developer of “Blues Clues”, Lead Children’s Educational Development, WW Video at Apple

“Superbly acted, written, and directed. It’s a glorious time travel experience performed intimately on a small Hollywood stage setting, with enormous authenticity of craft.” John C. Trifiro   Creator, Director, Producer, Trifecta Digital Media

“Words cannot express how beautiful Lin Shaye’s performance was. I was deeply moved, in awe of her, and I cried several times. Her writing is out of this world, fluid, and captivating. She is a glorious gem.” Sophia Dawson, Filmmaker, Actor 

Production Team

robert galinsky *

director producer

lin shaye *

writer performer executive producer

joshua white *

light artist consultant

lee landey *

sound designer

* Fringe Veteran