The Lemming Effect

Drama · misfit toys collective · Ages 15+ · 90 mins · United States of America

Content Warning

Leaving… Falling.. Swimming… The Lemming Effect is a psychological drama following the identities of Lexa, our protagonist as they search for identity and peace in a post capitalist America. The play picks up as Lexa is ripe out of college and invested in the 9 to 5 lifestyle that follows. Within our four identities: Kilah, the logistical identity, currently runs the show while Axel, the emotional identity, stays locked away in the mind; unable to participate in the life of the protagonist Lexa. Jules, the youthful identity, and Sage, the wisdom identity, are the two other characters that witness the competing interactions of Axel and Kilah. What happens when we bottle up ourselves beyond our capacity? This play aims to dissect the way we get to our breaking point and how to find ways to fulfill our soul and physical body through the lens of a non binary individual. Let’s all learn how to swim!!!

Production Team

grant garcia 


misfit toys *

producing company

sanghun kim *

sage (alternate)

jordyn ryan 

stage manager

matthew goodrich 

assistant stage manager

rory leech 

producer / misfit toys artistic director

* Fringe Veteran