Speed Bump

Comedy · good dogma productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

SPEED BUMP is a topical comedy about two lifelong friends whose relationship starts to unravel because of an impending installation of a speed bump on their street. It’s an adult coming-of-age story about the literal and figurative barriers that currently divide our neighborhoods, our cities, and our country. Is the safety of the community more important than the freedom of the individual? Who’s more self-involved: People who have kids, or people who don’t? And: Is an adult who collects vintage toys really sad or really cool?

SPEED BUMP is an illuminating look at both sides of all these contentious questions, and no matter where you stand, the conclusion of this 2-man 75-minute comedy will surprise you.

Written by Jay Martel, SPEED BUMP is performed by Martel (“Key & Peele”) and John Lehr (the original Geico caveman, “Quick Draw”), two Los Angeles entertainment industry lifers who’ve been friends and neighbors for 15 years in the shadow of the Hollywood sign. They began performing the play during the pandemic when the closure of theaters necessitated an open-air experience and their neighbors, desperate for entertainment beyond their flat screens, opened up their backyards. They continued their “backyard tour” up and down the coast due to popular demand and in hopes of developing future iterations such as this one.

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Production Team

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