Hey Mom, Can You Pause the TV?

Comedy · ava bunn · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere

“mOm………… MOm… MOM! Can you please pause the TV?”

The Red Sox game might be on but your daughter’s hosting a funeral for all of her forgotten hopes and dreams.

“Hey Mom, Can You Pause the TV” is an absurdist one woman comedy show written and performed by Ava Bunn… where you, the audience, get to witness the relationship she has with her mother through a unique lens: her mother. Watch your new daughter, Ava, beg for your love and attention while discovering what kind of person she would’ve grown up to be, if only she decided to devote her life to every hobby she’s ever tried. Come watch and endure the emotional rollercoaster of what it’s like to be my mother… and if you don’t you’re a misogynist.

Opening Acts:

6/1 – Nico Demers and Johnny Marx
6/4 – Cara Connors
6/8 – Ivy Wolk
6/11 – Mary Shalaby
6/13 – Angie Stroud

Production Team

ava bunn *


nathaniel hicks *

assistant writer & director

* Fringe Veteran