The Audition Room

Comedy · elouise eftos & the harry morrissey official · Ages 18+ · Australia

Content Warning

There really is no business like show business, and when it comes to discovering the best in the biz, you know that there’s only one agency for the job – Anderson & Dufant Casting. A&D is the industry giant that has dominated the Australian film and stage industry for over 25 years, discovering some of the biggest names in the industry. The agency is run by industry heavyweights Darelle Anderson and Vivianna Dufant. Darelle is a seasoned pro who has been in A&D since it’s beginning, whilst Vivianna is stepping in for her father Bobby Dufant after salacious rumours rocked the agency. This one hour show features Elouise Eftos and The Harry Morrissey Official in their element as casting agents from Hell with special guests (Australia & the world’s best actors and comedians) auditioning for roles of a lifetime. The show is completely improvised and features new auditionees every night. The Audition Room debuted at 2022 Sydney Comedy Festival for one night only with an overwhelming response and went on to have a very successful run at Sydney & Melbourne Fringe Festivals. The Audition Room was nominated for the Sydney Fringe Best Comedy Award, taking home one of the top awards, the Hollywood Fringe Tour Ready Award. Harry and Elouise are very excited to be performing for the first time in Los Angeles at Hollywood Fringe and can’t wait to see if the Americans like our Aussie humour.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran