Shagadelic: The Origins of Slang Words for Doing It

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one person show world premiere


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“absolutely hilarious – one off the highlights of the Hollywood Fringe” –
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Fresh off his critically acclaimed 2022 Edinburgh Fringe show, “Spanking the Monkey: The Etymology of Onanistic Euphemisms” Professor Richard Fondler brings his eagerly awaited follow-up to the hallowed halls of the Hollywood Fringe, delivering a lecture on euphemisms for making love around the world. Whether you’re shagging in the UK, doing somersaults in France, kicking up the dust in Spain, or boom-booming in Thailand, you will be enlightened and titillated by Professor Fondler’s survey of international slang words for getting busy. “A genuinely fascinating and academic information-packed discourse . . . it is also a beautifully controlled piece of character acting”. (★★★★ – The Scotsman) (for “Spanking the Monkey”)

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