The Twisted Life of MindyA12

film · micro-100 production · United States

A single woman, Mindy, felt that she was disappearing and, in transition, she seeks to find herself and questions her thoughts and actions in online videos/vlogs.

Mindy Reed, singer/youtube vlogger/mother/customer service rep, searches for love and documents her life in hundreds of videos on youtube. The documentary includes an interview and actual clips from her youtube channel. Not a traditional documentary, the interview with Mindy Reed is interrupted with various clips that are organized by subject matter. From being attacked by a chicken, dating a hunchback, dealing with bullies and fibromyalgia to her struggle to find love and self acceptance, Mindy holds nothing back.

A documentary by Andreea Teodorescu, with Mindy Reed. For more details visit the official site at THETWISTEDLIFE.COM, a MICRO-100 Production.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran