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Platinum Medal Recipient –  Ernest Kearney, The TVolution

Semi-Finalist -The Loud Karma Emerging Female and Nonbinary Playwright’s Award

Keeper donated 100% of Hollywood Fringe ticket sales to support Upstander Kids, An Anti Bullying Summer Camp here in Los Angeles. With your help, we raised $1100.00. 

Get on the bus—we’re going to summer camp! During this emotional and energetic solo show, the audience is transported back to a simpler time of trust-falls, chow time, and visits to the medical tent…but some wounds are too deep for a camp nurse to heal. Michelle Murphy embodies her younger self with exuberance and a wide-eyed innocence to reveal how an early rejection from a loved one left her fraught with questions of self-worth. From being hunted by the most vicious predator (other 13-year-old girls) to coping with (and without) food, Murphy shares how she broke through to discover why she is, in fact, a keeper. Keeper has a powerful message for everyone. Once the past is truly in the past, once the wounds are no longer fresh, without the shame and the lies..who are you? Are you willing to find out? Murphy holds nothing back in this riveting and raw journey. Keeper is written and performed by Michelle Murphy, directed by Juliette Jeffers. Content Warning: Self-Harm, Strong language ********************************************************************************************************************************* “Some solo shows hit you right in the heart, others right between the eyes. Some tickle, some make you think, or regret, or remember. Many make you cry, but very, very few do all of these at once. Keeper is one of those rare few. I hope Michelle performs this again, perhaps at Fringe? If she does I urge you to see Keeper.” -Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, Noho Arts District Feb. 13th, 2023 ********************************************************************************************************************************* PAST AUDIENCE COMMENTS ABOUT KEEPER:

“She gave me song, she gave me dance, she gave me laughs and she gave me feels”.

“I think this show will stay with people”.

“She really kinda put us through the ringer”.

“It was raw, it was real, it was beautiful. It was heartfelt and I’m really grateful to have been in the audience for this performance”.

“It’s cathartic, it’s theatre at its BEST”.

“Their wasn’t a dry eye in the house”.

“We were on our feet the minute the lights went down”.


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