Comedy · neo ensemble theatre · Ages 21+ · United States of America

Content Warning

NEO Ensemble Theatre celebrates its 25th year as a creative community of writers and performers. NEO members collaborate on original productions written and performed by some of the most talented writers, actors and writer/actors in LA.

We’re excited to mark our anniversary with an outrageous Fringe show, Inappropriate! It’s a hilariously inappropriate collection of five original short pieces (plus some surprises!) skewering subjects from romance to sex, healthcare to death.

Playwrights: Michael Caldwell, Laura Huntt Foti, Beth Polsky, David St. James, Maura Swanson, Rom Watson and Rachel Winfree.

Featured actors: Michael Caldwell, Ewan Chung, Alex DeRita, Jessica Dowdeswell, AnnaLisa Erickson, Dee Freeman, Debra Kay Lee, Alexis C. Martino, Beth Nintzel, David St. James, Rachael Sizgorich, Jerry Weil and Rachel Winfree…plus special surprises from monologist Maura Swanson.

Best of all, we’re onstage at Three Clubs, a theatre attached to a bar! Audiences should have a fun, relaxing time taking in the delightfully inappropriate Inappropriate!

Production Team

ewan chung *


rachel winfree *


annalisa erickson *

producer/marketing director/performer

david st. james *


laura huntt foti *


michael caldwell *


jerry weil *


maura swanson *


beverly nero *

pre-show goddess

* Fringe Veteran