The Year That Carrie Fisher Died

Two Person Show · mb stage productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere


The chronicle of Lukas, a trans-male geek passionate about all things fictional; and Quinn, his bipolar polyamorous pansexual bestie. Armed with Star Wars, The Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Firefly, Sailor Moon, and many more, they game their way through the 2016 election. A dark-sidedly comedic missive and adoration, where in the end: “She drowned in moonlight. Strangled by her own bra”. 

*Content warning depictions of transphobia, verbal violence, and discussions of mental health.

**The June 17th performance is ASL Interpreted for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing. If you need this accommodation, please let us know when you purchase your ticket.

Production Team

zoya ray *

actor - quinn

silas jean-rox *

assistant director/ actor - lukas

alysia michelle cruz (she/her) *

company production stage manager

cassy sottile *

assistant stage manager

emmanuel bradshaw *

projectionist/video editor

mel glickman *

prop master

mona cedar *

asl interpreter

david evan stolworthy *

creative producer

jared pixler (he/him) *

creative producer

katie lynn *


* Fringe Veteran