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world premiere

Based on the inspiring webseries, this live stage show is a collection of short musicals about veterans, in their own words, in hour-long presentations featuring three short musicals per performance.

The reviews are in:

“Brilliant. Just breathtaking.”

“The vocal talent of the actors was off the charts”

“Very honest and emotional.”

“It’s so powerful.”



“A truly moving show. "

“All three of the actors dug deep and disappeared into these incredible stories that at times I forgot they were actors and thought they were the real vets.”

“Beautifully executed solo musical performances.”

“The music in this show is outstanding!

“Great singers. Great musical.”

“Very engaging.”

“I want to see it again.”




“Broadway caliber performances.”

“Just go see it.”

There will be four performances, each featuring three short musical stories.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17th at 4:00PM

THE WORST JOB EVER: Veteran Diarra McCormick had the worst job in the military: collecting money from enlisted men and women. As Diarra puts it, “People get funny when you try to help ‘em with the money….” Based on the true story by Diarra McCormick; music and lyrics by Jenna Gillespie Byrd. Featuring Taji Coleman.
OUT HERE ON THE EDGE: Based on the true story of a veteran who is forced to make the difficult decision to fire the company’s Afghani cook even though the next time they see him, he might be with the Taliban. Book by LtCol Brian Kerg, USMC, Lyrics and Music by Joshua H. Cohen. Featuring John David Wallis.
YOU & JUDY & ME: This episode features a bittersweet story of a father and a son whose relationship with the military, each other, and musical theatre, shifts over time. Book and lyrics by J.A. Moad II; with music by Kurt Kuenne. Featuring Elliot White.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17th at 5:30PM

THE JUMPER: On joining the United States Air Force, young cadet Shannon Corbeil enrolled in a competitive program called “Freefall” – five unassisted jumps. No static line. No tandem expert strapped onto you. This special musical explores what it’s like to take a literal leap into the Unknown. Book by Shannon Corbeil, Lyrics and Music by Natalie Rebecca Lovejoy. Featuring Brooke Moltrum.
BOTH ENDS OF THE BARREL: Based on a true story about a Veteran who is shocked to discover he’s about to commit the very same crime to an innocent Iraqi family which happened to him as a child. “Both Ends of the Barrel” is a powerful musical which examines the intersection of civilian and military life. Based on the true story by Aramis Calderon; music and lyrics by Dusty Sanders. Featuring Troy Armand Barboza.
A SINGLE VIBRATION: Based on a true story of a veteran in Afghanistan who is still haunted by rumbles and vibrations, even from passing cars and trucks, because they remind him of the constant vibrations of rocket fire and explosions he endured in Kandahar. “Don’t you hear that?” he asks us. Book by Robert W. Mitchell, Lyrics and Music by Michael Finke. Featuring Jabari Simmons.

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