Two Person Show · double cappuccino productions · Ages 16+ · 55 mins · United States of America

world premiere

GOOD and GASLIT is a smart, fresh (and hilarious) one-woman-show within a two-woman-show inspired by a movie, designed to stop the gaslighting in your life. Starring a young director launching her career and a less-than-young TV executive performing her first theater show, “Stop the Gaslight.” It’s as powerful as it is unique.

Through one woman’s witty and clever examination of her experiences in Hollywood, in parenting and beyond, GOOD and GASLIT explores the ever-pervasive use of gaslighting in our modern times and hopes to have you saying, “No thank you, I’ve had enough” (of the gaslighting, not the show).  Starring a wise woman who likes to keep it real and a youthful director who prefers to keep it simple.

This one-of-a-kind show is brought to you by a multi-generational female duo who like to debate whether art imitates life or vice versa. Written by Deborah Cincotta, an experienced TV producer and first-time theater performer; and directed by Kendall McDermott, a student director at Wesleyan University and first-time Fringe director. The show’s creative approach to discussing the generational issues between women makes for an additional layer of comedy and contemplation.    

If this show doesn’t help stop the gaslighting in your life, it’s not because they didn’t try. 

Get your tickets early.  Limited shows available. This is a show for everyone!*

*This show was designed to be inclusive of all genders because we need everyone on board to stop this madness. But… this show is really empowering for women because, unfortunately, women bear the brunt of gaslighting.  See the show and you’ll see what we mean. We’re tempted to say it’s a bit of a “Feminist-Call-To-Action” but when we use the word “feminist,” it makes some men feel like they’re being attacked and then we get blamed for creating a culture that actually encourages misogyny and, voila, we’re back to good old-fashioned gaslighting. This is what we mean when we say it’s gonna takes a village.

So women, grab your favorite women and turn it into a Ladies’ Night Out ‘cause you’re gonna wanna talk about it afterwards. 

Disclaimer: The show contains some occasional-yet-thoughtfully-placed adult language because a show about women, made by women, is committed to the real narrative of being a woman. Those stories sometimes include a colorful curse word or two.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran