Comedy · nothing ever happens productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning


After a sold-out run in April, the LA premiere of Lisa D’Amour’s pulitzer-prize nominated play is at Fringe! Experience this darkly hilarious, scorching examination of the so-called “American Dream," jolted to life by an award-winning cast and crew. Ben and Mary are the idyllic all-American couple, except that Ben was just laid off and Mary might be an alcoholic. Sharon and Kenny want to be the idyllic all-American couple, but they just got out of rehab, and are renting a house with no furniture. The fledgling friendship between the two couples soon veers out of control, shattering the fragile hold that Ben & Mary have on their lives – with unexpected, fiery consequences. Directed by Vance Smith. Starring Allie-Rae Treharne, Tori La Desma, Alex Vergel, Steve Jacques, and Tony Pasqualini. Produced by The Last Acting Studio and Nothing Ever Happens Productions.

Production Team

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