ENCORE RECIPIENT: The King & I, and Paul

Comedy · sunny gingham · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere


The King & I, and Paul is a hilarious new play about Susan and Paul, a seemingly average couple, who are moving in together for the first time. Paul’s finally made the move to Los Angeles, and the two are knee-deep in packing paper, Wi-Fi setups, and new home anticipation. The atmosphere abruptly shifts when it’s revealed that Susan is an avid fan of Elvis Presley and is holding on to an extensive collection of memorabilia passed down from her family. The clumsy and slightly oblivious Paul finds himself in an odd predicament when he tries to veto the one thing she apparently treasures more than anything else in the world. Debating on which items will adorn the walls first, the prized collection is pushed to a doomful fate. Heated and ready to boil over, Paul and Susan are interrupted mid-argument by a knock at the door. It’s Pai. The couple must decide whether to set aside their differences to work together or risk being exposed. Doing everything they can to hide the damaged collection, mayhem ensues as the duo finds themselves in the most unexpected and absurd situations to keep Pai from discovering the truth. So what happens when opposites are pushed to their limits and are forced to compromise? Find out in The King & I, and Paul, a farcical take on the challenges that come with starting a new life with someone and how the unexpected often brings us closer together. Or does it?

Production Team

angelique fustukjian *

producer, writer, actor

matthew namik *

producer, writer, actor

* Fringe Veteran