Drama · none · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

Adam, a young trans masc, attempts to avert a tragic end crafted for him by his Father— die young and be remembered forever. Adam joins forces with Them, a nameless and immortal being capable of changing their form for whatever another person wants to see. Together, they bounce through a liminal world full of characters who attempt to help Adam avoid his inevitable end: Atropos, a raunchy goddess who cuts the fates of every human, the Seer, a 700 year old prophetess with a 16 year old appearance, Dekamusa and Dawn, two immortal (and lesbian) witches, Vorax, a wandering god with a deadly appetite, and Lethe, a god who guards the land of the dead. Throughout this, Adam realizes his own godlike capabilities and helps his companion realize who they are, ultimately giving them the name of “Nameless.” Nameless’s growing affection for Adam leads them to finally understand their own purpose and the two’s bond allows them to inevitably confront the one who doomed Adam to such an early end. In Nameless and Adam’s often-times comedic odyssey, will Adam be able to escape his tragic fate?

A winner of the Hollywood Fringe Fest Scholarship!

content warning – cannibalism/self-harm, knives, blood (depicted), violence (depicted and discussed), arson (discussed), death (depicted and discussed), loss of a family member (depicted and discussed), sexual content and themes, language, smoking (depicted, second-hand smoke)

Production Team

kaila tacazon *


lane st. sebastian *


* Fringe Veteran