Arts Industry Brunch 2012

events & workshops · the hollywood fringe festival · Ages 21+ · United States

This is an opportunity to meet and network with fellow industry members, accredited press, producers, participants, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival Staff. This is an open invitation to compare notes on different shows and events. This event, catered and with complimentary continental breakfast and coffee, will be followed by dozens of performances and workshops throughout the Fringe Zone.

The Arts Industry Brunch is Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 AM at Fringe Central Station, our social space located as 6314 Santa Monica Blvd.

Benefits of Attending the Hollywood Fringe as Arts Industry:
Accreditation does not necessarily grant complimentary admission or discounted tickets to Fringe performances, as this is at the discretion of the individual participants. However, accredited Arts Industry members will have Fringe Staff assistance in requesting reservations to any productions of interest.
The Hollywood Fringe is an opportunity to meet emerging professional artists, amateurs trying out new ideas, and experienced artists seeking new outlets. Those who flock to the Fringe are of all different ages, lifestyles, nationalities and disciplines. Many Hollywood Fringe productions have had extended runs and further development at other theaters in Hollywood and beyond – the Long Beach Playhouse, South Coast Repertory, the Neo-Futurists (Chicago, IL), The Texas Theatre (Oak Cliff, TX), and Access Theatre (NY) have all hosted productions originated at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Arts Industry Accreditation:
We are open to industry members from all disciplines who have the potential to work with and provide opportunities for Fringe artists. Accreditation entitles you to assistance from the Hollywood Fringe Staff in selecting performances and events that might best serve you and your organization and grants you access to various other Arts Industry services and events, including our Industry Brunch.
An Arts Industry Kit will be available to you at Fringe Central Station, with your Arts Industry lanyard, daily schedule information, and Festival Information sheet.

Production Team

meghan mccauley *

outreach director

stacy jones hill *

publicity director

abbie wagoner *

food & beverage director

* Fringe Veteran