Drama · rosebud theatre company · Ages 18+ · United States of America


“Fifteen years ago I killed my sister.”

So begins Adam Rapp’s highly acclaimed play Nocturne, in which a 32-year-old former piano prodigy recounts the tragic events that tore his family apart.

With a keen eye for human relationships and a deft ear for language, Nocturne explores the aftershock of this unimaginable event. The father becomes incapable of forgiveness; the mother so shattered that she takes leave of her sanity altogether; and the son—only 17 years old at the time—sets out for New York City. Living in squalor and isolation, he seeks an uneasy refuge in books and reinvents himself as a writer. Across the decade and a half that follows, he struggles to cope with the ramifications of his own anguish and estrangement while desperately searching for redemption through the consuming sea of guilt and grief that he’s been drowning in.

Nocturne will be performed at The Emerald Arthouse on these performance dates:

Saturday, June 3rd at 7:30 PM (Preview)
Friday, June 9th at 10 PM
Sunday, June 11th at 2 PM
Saturday, June 17th at 3:30 PM
Saturday, June 24th at 7:30 PM

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