Grown Up Orphan Annie

katherine bourne taylor · Ages 13+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show

WINNER of The Pick of the Fringe, Best of the Broadwater and Producer’s Encore Award!

America’s favorite orphan is back, and just like you, she’s, unfortunately, a grownup. Get a peek into Annie’s Cool 2023 Celebrity Lifestyle, and join her as she eulogizes her dad, searches for a new best friend, and saves the world from being run by Billionaires. Optimism! Grief! Animal Sidekicks! Grown Up Orphan Annie is a new twist on a beloved character. A child star who’s stumbled into adulthood, she’s looking for a Sidekick/True Friend who will uphold her delusions of grandeur and love her for who she really is. Premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August (August 2-27, 6:20PM, Gilded Balloon at Patter Hoose), this is your chance to preview the show that will undoubtedly catapult Annie back into fame and fortune! Written and performed by Katherine Bourne Taylor. Workshopped with The Elysian Theater’s Very In Progress Programming. Original Music by Gabriella Hirsch “Hard Drive Daddy” Music by Katie Greer Content Warning: Death, Animal Cruelty

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran