Cupcake With Blue Frosting

Musicals & Operas · independent · Ages 13+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

An excerpt from a full-length musical we hope to produce soon, CUPCAKE WITH BLUE FROSTING tells the story of Maddie Lewis, a kindergarten teacher by day and pole dancer by night who struggles with anorexia and with the burden of having an overly compassionate heart. Each day, she helps kids learn their ABCs, then goes off to the club where she tries to grow more comfortable with her body image and maybe even uplift a lonely patron or two, as her isolated, autistic cousin recently died from suicide. She tries to find wisdom and consolation in her smart but somewhat cynical friend Fatima, a deeply spiritual Muslim woman who nevertheless frees her body from tradition’s shackles by dancing at night.

Production Team

christian cupero *

concept artist

ruchi kishore *

lead actress/co-producer

hope golds *

lead actress/co-producer

keyana herrod *

backdrop artist

* Fringe Veteran