Gumshoe McMonocle and the Strange Case of Rumpelsomething

theatre · omnipresent puppet theater · Ages 5+ · United States

family friendly one person show

A queen hires an intrepid detective to find out the name of the little man who wants to take her son! An action-packed re-telling of “Rumpelstiltskin” done in the fashion of the classic detective thrillers of the 1940s!

45 minutes – Recommended Kindergarten and up.

Omnipresent Puppet Theater’s founder Don Kruszka brings over twenty years of professional experience to his work. From writing the scripts, to building the puppets and performing the shows, Don does it all.

Since our first peformances in 2006 in Bakersfield, we have gained a reputation for being one of the best choices for family and school entertainment. Here’s what some people have said about us:

“In October of 2006, Don Kruszka was invited to perform “Jack and the Beanstalk” for the primary grades at Quailwood School. His one man puppet show was simply outstanding! The characters were so convincingly portrayed that by the end of the performance, Mr. Kruszka has us all believing they were real. There was humor, suspense and plenty of audience involvement. He proved to be such a hit that we had him return in January 2007 to present “Little Red Riding Hood”. It also proved to be equally entertaining. If you want quality children’s entertainment at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Omnipresent Puppet Theater!" Steve Duke, Principal,

Quailwood School, Bakersfield,California
“Omnipresent Puppet Theater performs classic stories and familiar characters but with a fun, original, contemporary twist. Their manipulation of the puppets and their vocal technique is exceptional; young and old get sucked into the stories.”

Mendy Garcia, Theatre Faculty
California State Univerity Bakersfield

“It was a fortuitous day when Omnipresent Puppet Theatre began performing puppet shows in Kern County. The immediacy of the puppeteers live performance (as opposed to a prerecorded track) adds to their charm, as does their original literature based scripts for their handcrafted puppets.”

Sherry Wade,
Youth Services Coordinator,
Kern County Library

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran