Before The Red Trees Come

dance & physical theatre · harrison bergeron productions & geniuspills entertainment · Ages 12+ · United States

world premiere

Harrison Bergeron Productions and Geniuspills Entertainment present a brand new silent play, “Before The Red Trees Come.” This completely original production pays homage to both the era of American silent film and European absurdism. Written/Produced by Kristopher Lee Bicknell and Co-Produced by Jessica Lauren Richmond, “Before The Red Trees Come” is a short play presented in a style that combines commedia dell’arte, clown, and mime into a fun and heartfelt display of physical storytelling that is not to be missed! The show follows Capire, a true everyman, as he discovers his place in the world based on events and interactions he encounters time and time again. But each time Capire starts to understand himself and his surroundings, everything changes.

Production Team

kristopher lee bicknell *


* Fringe Veteran