Mission To Mate

theatre · sati productions/colin mitchell · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States

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LA Weekly gives it a “GO!”

“The plays drive from a Rod Serling–like mystery (one of the playlets refers to a lost Serling manuscript), propelled by unexpected comebacks and situations, absurdist, romantic and caustic, that won’t let go” -Steven Leigh Morris “LA Weekly”

“What can I say, I laughed, I cried, it made me a better person…Mitchell blithely takes us tap-dancing across that heavily mined no-man’s land, dividing any successful coupling of the two sexes. In each trisection, he uses his pairing of characters to illuminate how great the distance between men and women is, and how that distance is ever expanding.” -Ernest Kearney

“…Mitchell turns the tables in more ways than one with his scintillatingly sexy threesome of one-acts” M.R. Hunter “EyeSpyLa”

“…almost a reverse-Mamet-machismo ethos in effect here. Add to that a tinge of Ionesco absurdity and a dash of Jules Ffeifer’s cynical views on sexual politics, plus some moody choreographic interludes with a Strindbergian dance-of-death vibe” Les Spindle

“…Mitchell provides rousing distaff roles in all three plays and Alla Poberesky rises to the occasion with relish, most impressively in her blowsy, lusty, cello-playing Russian émigrée…” Bob Verini “Variety”

“Mission to Mate is one of the most intriguing enterprises into the psychology of seduction. Sexy is a word too regular for this creative exploration of the boy-meets-girl, cat-and-mouse game”-Tony Bartolone “LA Theatre Review”

A captivating theatrical trilogy sure to tickle your dipstick about the complexities of this dance we call seduction, love, relating, and possibly; human contact. Written and directed by Colin Mitchell(Editor-in-Chief Bitter Lemons), starring Alla Poberesky and Michael Sanchez. One hour. Three plays. Two actors. Believe…wanna play?

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* Fringe Veteran