theatre · fringe festival players · Ages 12+ · United States

“Tomahawk,” a play by James Domine, mixes elements of tragedy and comedy in a realistic treatment of contemporary life in suburban Los Angeles. Based on the novel The Naked Man, it is written in a pithy vernacular, the characters act out a true-to-life millennial drama that is both philosophical and farcical in equal measure. Episodes of love, war, lust and betrayal are woven into a counterpoint of governmental subterfuge, police brutality, missing beer and drunken buffoonery as the conflicting emotions of youth evolve into the delusional quandary of middle-age. The main theme of “Tomahawk” is a quest for truth, and what happens as a result of its absence, obscurity and elusiveness.

“Tomahawk” made me feel included, as if the author were present during the hundreds of sideways conversations I have had in bars and alleys through the years. He is exceptional at character recognition and development. It’s a zoomy, private, giddy ride. This play has so much presence, so much soul, so dead on accurate. It’s intimate, making it feel like he is talking to an individual rather than the general masses. This time period is so juicy in our cultural history, and Domine did a great job of schooling us, giving us humor and sensitivity credits all the way through.”
-Previewed by Kathi Flood

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