The Lights Are Off

theatre · the working theatre · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere

Nominated for “Best Ensemble”, “Best in Theatre”, and WINNER of a “Best Of” Award for the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival!

College. A place of extremes where young adults cling to groups and identities like life rafts. Where the first great loves and the first great heart breaks of middle America are birthed and aborted. Where sex and drugs are first discovered to satiate loneliness. Where illusion of the future reigns over the reality of the present; like a distant beacon of grandeur both wondrous and terrifying. Mindless trysts and drunken debauchery mix with desperate human clashes and first blossoming of feeling and thought. Surrounded by thousands of peers, reeling with new-found independence, these students grope and scrap for truth, love, and a way to become the people they thought they could be.

The play opens on two young people, Gwen and Burnt, trying to connect and understand the other’s heart so they can best grab it for their own. What they’ve yet to uncover are the bear traps of their hidden hurts, realized now in starkest human form in front of them, soon to create an unassailable chasm between.

Note: Sexual situations, smoking, light strobe effect

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran