Robert and the Magic Mirror: Deep Space, NEIN!

comedy · more basil · Ages 14+ · United States

“Robert and the Magic Mirror: Deep Space, NEIN!” follows Robert and his quick-witted Magic Mirror (an all-knowing mirror similar to that in “Snow White”) on a cosmic adventure. When Robert gets a free trip to space from billionaire Sir Richard Branson, he takes the Magic Mirror with him. Along the way, Robert “bros out” with Richard Branson in his souped-up spaceship, and the Magic Mirror befriends a like-minded hologram computer. Robert and the Magic Mirror believe they’ve found paradise until the reality of being stuck with an eccentric billionaire and an arrogant super computer becomes clear. In the end, both learn that their new friendships aren’t as good as what they had to begin with: each other.

Our show is a throwback to the days of Vaudeville with a healthy dose of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” There’s singing, dancing, and the opportunity to shout out loud. You could say it’s wild, weird, and maybe even a little sexy. Are we saying we’re reinventing live comedy theater? No. Are we saying we’re reviving a time in comedy where audiences embraced wordplay, practical effects and unique characters with goofy wigs? Maybe. The age of puns and props returns!

Production Team

robert boesel *


matt moore *


* Fringe Veteran