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The Pirate Laureate of Port Town

theatre · mutineer theatre company · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States

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Review by anonymous

June 24, 2012
IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify this reviewer attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website or the producer has not verified they attended.

My overall impression

There was absolutely nothing charming, interesting or even mildly entertaining about this show. The script was mindless and pointless. Something about pirates who fight with poetry. This concept may have been fun in theory, but it needed to be a full-blown parody of old pirate movies to even be somewhat amusing. If it was supposed to be spoofy and campy it completely failed in execution.

The cast worked hard to make due with what they could with a horrific script and inept direction. However, for the most part the performances were sophomoric at best and painful at worst. During the excruciatingly long 70 minutes, they stayed much more on the painful side.

I found myself counting the seconds until this show would end. When they used “My Heart Will Go On” as a serious sound cue (TWICE!) my jaw just dropped at the low levels the show reached. I was embarrassed for the actors, appalled at the director and angry that I had lost an hour of my life I will never get back.

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