How come no one's saying

workshops · kathryn · Ages 12+ · United States

world premiere

This is not a “workshop” per se, but it is not theatre either. It is a discussion, a forum of human beings who care about what’s going on, instigated and moderated by one Kathryn Ruth Mayer.
Giving and receiving of fresh food for thought.

If the Fringe Guide description weren’t limited to 300 characters, it might say this: Do you feel like no one is paying attention to WHAT’S GOING ON in our dangerously foolish civilization?? Do you perceive that even the folks exhorting others to open their eyes and notice what’s really happening are, themselves, STILL MISSING the even BIGGER PICTURE?? Are you seriously afraid for the future of humanity? Do you have opinions and views that seem obvious but you literally never hear anyone else express such ideas? Do you wonder about the fundamental topics and concepts that are completely disappearing from discourse, or about possibilities that are not allowed to be mentioned? If you need to find others who need to speak of the fundamental problems that no one has named nor seems to recognize, if you have a certain awareness of the Eternal, if you are an intellectual, philosopher, prophet, poet, or nonagenarian, then please, let us meet.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran