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Discotrope: The Secret Nightlife of Solar Cells

events & workshops · discotrope · flashing lights · United States

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An audiovisual performance that invokes both alternative energy and the curious history of dance in cinema – from backlots to backyards.

At the heart of the show is the Discotrope – a disco ball that’s been turned into a strange video projection system – one that uses solar cells as mirrors. The ball rotates slower or faster depending on how much light reaches the solar cells on the ball, and that changes the movement of its reflections.

While most disco balls reflect multi-colored lights on the walls, Discotrope reflects video: moving images of dancers from the history of cinema, from Thomas Edison to YouTube. The reflected videos create fragmented projections of the dancers on surrounding walls, floors, surfaces and people. We improvise the video mix live, so every performance is a surprise. Live party attendees sometimes become part of the video show, too (that’s another surprise).

Discotrope is a project by Amy Alexander and Annina Rüst. Sound design by Cristyn Magnus.

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* Fringe Veteran

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