The Inventor, The Escort, The Photographer...

comedy · kadm productions, matt morillo · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

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VAN DESHIELDS uncertified reviewer June 10, 2012
Surely an Adult look at relationships and their problems. Candid within reason. Jessica Moreno was simply sterling. She lights up the stage and brings vivacity to her character while at the same time delineating life's painful experiences. Entire cast was wonderful. Glad that I saw it certainly hope that the Show does well.... full review
THOMAS L. uncertified reviewer June 11, 2012
Very entertaining! The writing was funny. A few cliches but they fit the situations. Particularly in the first part. The actors were believable and charming- many wonderful moments between Jessica Moreno and Jaret Sacrey. The act 2's characters were pretty perverse but performed well. I especially enjoyed Jenni Halina as the young dancer. First her deceptive cuteness and goofiness draws you in before she reveals her true intentions. You can't take your eyes off her, especially at the end, for those of you who saw it! Overall a nice show to see on a night out, not so much a date show, though the first act is somewhat romantic.... full review
VICTOR FISCHBARG uncertified reviewer June 23, 2012
It's Upstairs-Downstairs with some, ahem, very modern twists. Brilliant writing full of turns that never let you second-guess any of these characters. Also standing out in my opinion was the original use of two very different female leads as Act I & II bookends; through a combination of intuition and didactic reasoning, these two unapologetically intelligent and sexy female characters both question their given circumstances, and change their own seemingly inexorable fates. Without revealing too much, I loved that they also get to visit the other's world (each during the other's Act) for a brief, pivotal moment... Jessica Moreno in particular shines as The Escort in the play's title. This demanding role requires heart, New York savvy, a mast... full review
ED THOMPSON uncertified reviewer June 25, 2012
This show was great, particularly act I and the interesting dynamic between the two characters and their unusual professions. Act 2 the characters are a lot less likeable but interesting none the less. The entire cast was made up of attractive people and all the women appear at some point in skimpy outfits, or nothing at all. Though I didn't mind seeing a pretty girl with a nice body, I felt a little uncomfortable in the case of the young dancer because the she was so young, she looked about 20. Fortunately the actress (Halina) was funny and didn't flaunt unnecessarily; something many young actresses make the mistake of doing,so it wasn't that shocking. In fact had the cast been a less talented group, many of the ideas and jokes would have b... full review