Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life

theatre · purple turtle productions · Ages 12+ · United States

world premiere
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Review by JOHN KLEIN

June 23, 2012
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My overall impression

At the end of the day there’s nothing that beats hard work. Its clear that “Jennifer Anniston Stole My Life” is the result of some heavy lifting hard work – from the playwright who painstakingly worked out every twist and turn; from the director who milked every moment but never lost the thruline, to the actors who poured heart and soul into a story they obviously felt deep in their bones. And, finally, Jennifer Anniston may have stolen these characters lives, but Jesse Holcomb, as Lo, will steal you heart – and that is just some kind of magic. As Lo herself says, “Well duh!” Exactly, well duh, why does the smart one always have to suffer?

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