Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life

theatre · purple turtle productions · Ages 12+ · United States

world premiere
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Review by SANDY FURY

June 10, 2012
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My overall impression


I really enjoyed this show. I was expecting just a comedy and got much more! It was also quite dark at times which was delicious.

Overall the story was very good, the acting was good. I enjoyed the ENTIRE casts performance… All of their characters were interesting. I especially liked Jesse Holcombs performance.

I will not blow the ending for you but I almost blurted out “WOW” as it was happening.

I would love to see the mothers character fleshed out a bit more. She has some very quirky aspects but I am not sure they always make sense to what’s going on. That said, she was very engaging throughout.

There are a few issues with being able to see cast members offstage moving into position and a few hiccups in scene changes… Who cares! all is forgiven for a new work that delivers.

LIGHTING: The lighting was decent but will hopefully have an actual designer in the future. Regardless, it was a huge improvement over the musical I saw in the same space earlier in the day.

SET DESIGN: They didn’t have a whole lot in the way of a set but what they did have worked.
SPOILER? I loved the collage… and even though there was little mystery as to what it was going to be… I wasn’t sure how it would look.

SOUND DESIGN: I loved all of the music that was used in this piece.

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