Button Wagon

dance & physical theatre · button wagon · Ages 3+ · United States

family friendly

Mime, illusion and contortion!

A performance of mixed up proportions and mind bending contortions. With Ember, a button-addict cowboy-boot wearing contortionist; and her quirky-counterpart, Poki, master of balance and object illusion. In each other, they discover a curious friendship in an unlikely setting of enlarged sewing implements and a dapper burlap rabbit. A silent film for a modern crowd, a tableau vivant of circus and sewing, Button Wagon is sure to tickle your soul, wiggle your toes, and entangle your mind with wonder.

Highly original, deeply touching, and virtuosic. Appeals to all ages.

“. . . Intricate and unsettlingly beautiful” – Phil Cramer, Venue Coordinator, New Orleans Fringe Festival

“A supremely entertaining and original piece of circus theater. Poki and Ember’s characters are so strong and quirky that they have created a theatricality that the other New Circus groups are still searching for. Button Wagon is strikingly visual, funny, different, and mesmerizing.”
- David Lichtenstein aka Leapin’ Louie, noted Lithuanian Jewish Cowboy Comedian

Watch the trailer and learn more at www.buttonwagon.com.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran