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includes nudity world premiere
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June 11, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: cinematic · burlesque · sexy · experimental

What I liked

I loved how visual it was, and all of the sound effects.
Great acting, and singing. So many unexpected twists.
And as a David Lynch fan, I loved all of the references.

What I didn't like

I sat in the front row, so sometimes I had to twist my neck to see what was happening in the back of the theater. I would recommend a middle seat.

My overall impression

This is the kind of show I imagine when I think of Fringe. Its visual and auditory candy. Funny, sexy, interesting, unique.
I sat in the front row, but the show happens all around. It really makes use of the space. The acting is top notch and the voices of all of the singers are gorgeous.
I am a huge David Lynch fan and really appreciated all of the references. However, even if you don’t know David Lynch’s work I think everyone will love this show.
It’s exciting and refreshing. It’s such a beautiful theatrical experience you can’t go wrong. Highly recommended.

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