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June 20, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

Episode #2 of the 1st Four, which is the best-performed, by Elizabeth Bouton Summerer, who makes the most of her entertaining material and shows off her soaring singing voice too!

What I didn't like

Not doing just a 4-episode 57-minute show, which seemed slow even in that short time, when BOTH 4-episode shows could have been combined into a single one to better satisfy the limited audience for this sort of specialized material!

My overall impression

Commendable and Ironic, at the same time! Commendable that New Musicals Inc takes a sidestep to put military memory monologues before The Public when nobody else is thinking that way but Ironic that music is not an asset to the material! Also, a MAJOR tactical mistake is splitting the short pieces into TWO shows of four stories each—-their “90-minute” show = only 57 minutes, when combining BOTH 4-episode shows into one (and doing it more than once each) would paper over the weaknesses! Major Asset to Part One = Elizabeth Bouton Summerer, who has the best story and a soaring singing voice to match it!

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