The Lost Continent of Atlantis & Vine

Musicals & Operas saturn & vine · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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JERRY STRULL certified reviewer June 11, 2022
tagged as: human. · imaginative · funny
Funny and imaginative.... full review
JERRY CLARKE certified reviewer June 08, 2022
tagged as: one man show
I loved the show. Steve Altman’s life observations, his music, and his humor. He squeezes a lot into an hour. ... full review
CYNDY PAYO certified reviewer June 05, 2022
Very creative multi-media musical performed by a charismatic talent!... full review
MARY CAVALIERE certified reviewer June 06, 2022
tagged as: genius · funny · deep · spiritual · insightful · special · brilliant
I knew Steve Altman was talented the first time I saw the John Lennon tribute show Just Imagine which I've probably seen at least 20 times. But his talent far exceeds who I knew him to be. I told him it was genius after the show and I meant it. So insightful, deep, and spiritual. It makes you really think, in spite of how comedic it was at times. Yes, you will laugh, and at times you will feel sad, and that's the whole point of make you FEEL. Bravo Steve Altman!!!... full review
GEORGIA REED certified reviewer June 06, 2022
tagged as: Heart-warming · educational · witty · funny
Steve gives it his all in this funny, witty, and surprisingly educational show. The songs are memorable and you will find yourself singing along with gusto. A surprise guest partway through adds to the fun, and Steve's off-the-cuff humor really brings you in - time flies at Atlantis & Vine!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 06, 2022
Talented singer- songwriter Steve Altman showcases his eclectic and funny mix of melodies. Why is this guy not writing for Broadway?... full review
VANESSA GILBERT certified reviewer June 06, 2022
tagged as: Must See
Steve Altman NEVER disappoints. His melodies are ALWAYS so melodic... his humor, top notch, his irony.. really hits home. The message... the bottom line.. is TRUTH ... full review
ANGELIQUE LITTLE certified reviewer June 06, 2022
I'll admit, I'm a longtime Steve Altman fan. From his musical stand-up comedy to satirical skits and musical plays, he's always made me laugh, think, and smile. This show is one of his best works, a plea and homage to humanity, the state of the world, and the wonder and absurdity of it all. ... full review