Steps of Glory

Solo Show · anja racic (the earthlings ensemble) · Ages 13+ · Serbia

one person show world premiere
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June 07, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

Again, I loved the specificity in how you played both character. There was a bit of Byron in his daughter and there was a bit of Allegra in Byron, it was so beautiful to witness. You take us in a journey through laugh, love, greed and grief. And such innocence in your interpretation of Allegra, I felt like I was seeing a little girl!
That is a home run of a show! A true human story, you honored Byron.

What I didn't like

Don’t be afraid to take your time, relax and breath, you got this! It is so scary to put your piece of Art/Heart on stage for an audience to watch and you are doing a tremendous job at it.

My overall impression

Brilliant showcase of talent, specific interpretation of characters, a story full of drama and wits. The writing was doing great justice to Lord Byron and his heritage. A show highlighting Anja’s creativity and top shelf acting.

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