Gummy Worm - a new comedy by Nathaniel Foster

the new cosmopolitans · Ages 13+ · 70 mins · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 16, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

This script is FUNNY and the actors knew exactly how to hit the comedic aspects perfectly. Each of these characters are special in their own way, have clear perspectives, and have a distinct voice on the topics covered. The dialogue is witty, serves the story well, and poignant to the topic. The concept as a whole was smart and well executed, and very easy to follow. Shoutout to these actors! This show relies on very little beyond the competence of the performers, and the actors in this performance nailed it.

What I didn't like

The venue has a window stage left with shades that I wish had been taped down; I had a beam of sunlight directly in my eyes for the first half of the show that was distracting.

The script addresses the issues around sex-ed that liberal-minded Americans would all agree are important, which I appreciated, but I didn’t think it went far enough into the consequences of mis-education to truly have impact on the audience. The goal feels like it is to be a PSA or political stance, but the stance taken doesn’t provide much more than you would find with a quick google search of “consequences of abstinence-only sex-ed”.

My overall impression

Gummy Worm was a great representation of what can happen when our country refuses to teach children proper sex-education, told in a creative and fitting setting by a group of fantastic actors. This play is edgy, but not so much to the point where actual high schoolers couldn’t perform it, which I think would be the best and most impactful way to see it.

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