Gummy Worm - a new comedy by Nathaniel Foster

the new cosmopolitans · Ages 13+ · 70 mins · United States of America

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June 03, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: moving · hilarious

What I liked

The writing, directing and acting are all on point. We’re laughing with and rooting for these kids to overcome their problems. The interactions with the unseen teacher work beautifully!

What I didn't like

The 70 minutes flew by for me. I was immersed in their world. As far as what I would change, nothing comes to mind!

My overall impression

This show perfectly captures that liminal period of every young person’s life when they are just beginning how to navigate the world of their own sexuality and proclivities, too often burdened with attitudes imbued from their parents, given absurdly unhelpful advice from their educational institutions, dealing with the unfortunate permanence of social media and making mistakes all the while, as they attempt to become young adults.

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