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Review by AL MERINO

June 14, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

What I liked…
Where do I start? The simplicity of the small venue was so intimate and made the message so powerful. 90 minutes flew by as you were captivated. The music and songs were great as they were created and composed by Eli himself. The small amount of props which explained and symbolized the chapters of his life were just right. The suitcases to symbolize the years of hurt, doubt, fear, shame and the method in how they were used to put them all away were genius. The portrayal of “Shame” was on point. The overall strengthen and fight in Eli to perceiver through the acceptance of who he was, the heartbreaking past relationships, the personal health battles he overcame were inspiring. He gives us confirmation one can overcome anything if you have the will power, faith, and Trust, with a capital “T”. We were taken back, moved and loved the entire performance.
We really hope you take he show to the College circuit and to any theater in every state so that others can be take back and get this inspirational message.

What I didn't like

To the show, nothing. Just need to get a bigger venue, so more people see this great show!

My overall impression

My Wife and I met Eli and Joseph in San Miguel de Allende this April 2022. We connected with them so much in Mexico, we wanted to see “Out of the Blue” in Los Angeles, CA. So we drove in from Arizona and we brought our very best friends with us.
My overall impression of the show was …”Wow!… Actually I said “F@#$, I am blown away by everything Eli has endured and gone through!”

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