An Unseasonable Fall of Snow

Drama broken radio productions · Ages 10+ · United States of America

From one of New Zealand’s most prolific playwrights, Gary Henderson.

A bewildered young man is questioned by a ruthless interrogator, who circles like a predator, forcing him closer and closer to an awful admission. A compelling investigation of truth, consequences, and the ultimate value of human life.

“What we are looking for in theatre is just the right combination of heart and mind. Gary hits that mark better than anyone I know. His plays are always fresh, innovative and insightful – but most importantly you know that when you see them you are going to feel something, that Gary is going to zero in on some aspect of humanity and take you to the beating heart of it.”
—Ken Duncum

Directed by Jon Chaffin and assisted by Jessica Williams.
Starring Frank Bond, Alex Ewan and Santigui Camara.


Running time: 60mins

production team

alex ewan *


frank bond *


jessica williams *

assistant director

* Fringe Veteran