Too Big For Her Britches

soaring solo llc · Ages 13+ · Canada

one person show
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Review by AZO SAFO

June 26, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

The songs were beautiful and the singing was passionate. I was singing along and feeling Lisa’s emotions. Also, I loved the inclusion of ASL interpretation on stage! It added another layer to this already beautiful show. Bravo!

What I didn't like


My overall impression

What I love about this show is how honest it is. The message is simple but powerful: self love, self love, self love. Who hasn’t had that voice of Shame tell us we are not good enough? Lisa does a masterful job at making the audience feel Luna’s struggles. Her energy on stage and her commitment to the honesty of the character was honestly inspiring. And of course, having really great empowering music added to this very powerful story that I believe a lot of people could connect to! Broadway bound! Congrats!

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